Episode 54: Is Life like an Endurance Race?


August 6th, 2021

51 mins 54 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

In an endurance race there are many strategies you can use to get to the finish line. Remember the story of the Hare and the Tortoise? Come out strong and aggressive and 'hope' that you do not break your race car or put too much wear on your tires. Or, another approach could be to run the race slow but steady. Both can get you to the finish line.

What will be your strategy for your life? You may be able to claim Victory after a successful career but what comes next? Near the end of the working part of your life there may be many unknown questions and challenges. Having a crew chief (like a coach) to help you can get you to see that there can be an amazing life after you finish your career. One such person is our guest today, Allan Milham.

Allan Milham is the founder at Questage, a leadership consulting firm based in Phoenix, AZ. Questage focuses on helping entrepreneurs in the third stage of their life rediscover themselves and maintain the drive and passions that fueled their lives before retirement. Retirement doesn't have to be the end of one's life, and Allan will discuss how seniors can make the best of their twilight years, cementing their legacy and giving back to their communities in ways they may have never thought possible.

Allan has logged over 15,000 hours working with top leaders and their executive teams. From his early work coaching US Olympians to his current work helping aging entrepreneurs, Allan has decades of experience that he will be sharing with us today.

Allan will be discussing:
Life after retirement
Making the most out of the third stage of life
Creating a legacy
Having a positive mindset
The wisdom that comes with age

Is it as simple as "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"? Can this be the key to a happy life yet we only understand this when we get older or reach the finish line? Listen to this episode to find out.